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Uganda Rainwater Association

Ministry of Water and Environment

  • The Ministry of Water and Environment prepares Annual Sector Performance Reports (SPR) presenting the progress of the water and environment sectors for the preceding financial year.

    • The SPR is issued end of September of the particular year before the annual sector reviews which take place by the middle of October.

Soul Beat

  • Running from 2012 to 2014 in Uganda, the Social and Behaviour Change Communication for trachoma project was designed to improve social norms and practices around consistent face washing and environmental cleanliness in order to prevent trachoma, a leading cause of preventable blindness.

    • The initiative included the creation of an e-toolkit, as well as formative research to understand key knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours that support or hinder improvements in face washing and environmental changes. 


  • Website with links to UNICEF's information about water, sanitation and hygiene. 

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